Outline of Coverage


There will be a $500 deductible per claim for injuries to a pet owner’s, sitter's, or dog walker’s pet. Pet owners are responsible for this deductible for injuries to their own pets, and the sitters and dog walkers are responsible for the deductible for injuries to their own pets.

Coverage for an owner's pets

Provide medical coverage for the pet owner's pet(s) in the sitter or dog walker's care, custody, and control.

  •  Up to $25,000 for each pet in the sitter or dog walker's care
  •  $500 deductible, covered by the pet owner

Coverage for a sitter or dog walker's resident pets

This coverage is valid for veterinary care for the sitter or dog walker's resident pet(s) as a direct result of contact with the pet owner's pet.

  •  Up to $5,000 for the sitter or dog walker's pet(s)
  •  $500 deductible, covered by the pet owner, covered by the sitter or dog walker

General liability

General liability will cover bodily injury to a person other than the sitter, dog walker, pet owner, or someone directly related to the pet owner, sitter, or dog walker—as well as damage to the pet owner's personal property that the sitter or dog walker becomes legally obligated to pay.

  •   Up to $2,000,000 ­per occurrence
  •   Up to $3,000,000 ­general aggregate
  •   No deductible

Professional liability

Professional liability covers property damage that occurs as a result of a sitter or dog walker’s services, or from failing to render those services.

  •   Up to $1,000,000 ­per occurrence
  •   Up to $1,000,000 ­general aggregate
  •   $500 deductible, covered by the pet owner

Coverage will not include:

  • Damage to the sitter or dog walker's personal property
  • Injuries to the sitter/dog walker, anyone related to or living with the sitter/dog walker, or anyone helping provide pet care during the booking
  • Injuries to the pet owner or anyone related to or living with the pet owner
  • Treatment costs for medical or veterinary bills as a result of dog illness, a pre-­existing condition, or preventable care
  • Bookings made outside of our company.
  • Damage made or medical care required as a result of meeting each other prior to the scheduled stay.