How It Works

Learn what it’s like to use Bed and Biscuits.


Our goal at Bed and Biscuits is to help you find the perfect pet sitter or dog walker. We understand that your top priority is to find a trustworthy, capable person to care for your pet while you’re away. More importantly, we want to make it as easy as possible for you.


Find a sitter in your community that gets along well with you and your pet.


Request the dates you need, and message your sitter to talk about your pet’s stay.


Have peace of mind, knowing that your pet will be cared for just the same as at home.

What We Offer

Overnight Stay

Your pet stays with a sitter at the sitter's home.

House Sitting

A sitter cares for your pet in the comfort of the pet owners home.

Day Care

Your pet goes to a sitter’s home during the daytime.

Dog Walking

A dog walker stops by your home and walks your dog at any time of the day.

Bed and Biscuits sitters are covered by premium insurance. Vet bills are covered up to $25,000 if something unexpected happens while you’re away. We complete a background check on all sitters to ensure that your pet is in good hands.


Pet Owners

How do you evaluate your pet sitters?

We conduct a background check on every sitter who wants to be part of the Bed and Biscuits community. If pet sitters have any special qualifications, like caring for senior pets or administering medication, we display them in their profile so that you feel confident that your pet’s needs are taken care of.  

How do I find a pet sitter or dog walker?

To find a pet sitter or dog walker, just visit, select the type of care you’re looking for, and provide your zip code or street address to find a sitter that’s close to you. If you’re new to Bed and Biscuits, you’ll need to sign up first to message sitters or book a sit.

What happens if my sitter has to reschedule?

If your sitter has a change of plans, we have you covered. We’ll reach out to other sitters in your area to find a good match.

When will I be charged for a sit?

Your card will be charged at the moment you book a sit. Once the sit is complete, you’ll receive an email asking you to release your payment to your pet sitter. Bed and Biscuits holds all payments until a sit is complete.

Pet Sitters

How do I receive payments for a sit?

Bed and Biscuits partners with Stripe and PayPal to safely and securely process payments. Your earnings will be deposited in your bank account or PayPal account as early as two days after a pet owner marks the sit as ‘complete’.

What percentage of each sit does Bed and Biscuits keep?

Bed and Biscuits pet sitters take home 85% of their earnings from each booking.

Bed and Biscuits keeps a percentage of each sit to cover costs associated with processing payments and managing a safe and trusted pet sitting community. We partner with two third-party payment providers so that sitters have more control over how and where they receive their earnings.

How can I get my profile noticed by pet owners?

We thought you’d never ask! We have a couple of tried and true tips to get you started.

Upload bright photos that clearly show who you are and where you live (think nearby parks, your backyard, or your neighborhood). Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Pet owners feel more comfortable when they have an accurate idea of what their pet’s home away from home will be like.

Write a brief description about who you are and what you love about pet sitting. Paint a clear picture of what a stay with you would be like.

Keep your availability calendar up to date. If you’ll be out of town, or, alternatively, if your week or month has opened up, update your availability so that pet owners can see when you’re free.

I am having trouble connecting my PayPal account. What could the issue be?

To receive payments through PayPal, you must first upgrade your personal account to a "business" or "premier" account. This is free and simple to do. Go to the Settings section of your PayPal account, click "Upgrade to a Business Account", and you'll be all set.