About Us

Welcome to Bed and Biscuits, your community of experienced pet sitters and dog walkers.

We know that finding someone to care for your pet while you’re away can be tricky. Since your pets are your family, you want to know that someone else will care for them just as you would. We believe in the idea that a community can make each other’s lives better. We created Bed and Biscuits to connect pet owners with pet sitters who will love their pets just like their own. We are here for the frequent jet setter, the occasional traveler, and for pet owners who have last minute plans unexpectedly come up. Our pet sitters join the Bed and Biscuits community because they’re frisbee throwers, belly rubbers, and passionate pet lovers. We’re committed to providing a safe, reliable community of pet sitters. That is why every booking through Bed and Biscuits comes with premium insurance and 24/7 support.